Monday 12 & 12 Group Twin Lakes Fellowship Center 915 McClure Ln Closed, Step Meeting
Monday High Nooners Just South of NW Hospital 708 Quandt Ave Open, Step Meeting
Monday By the Book Group First United Methodist Church 20 Boyce Dr Closed, Step Meeting
Monday Dunbar Group Wolfe Street Center 1015 S Louisiana St Open, Step Meeting
Tuesday Hot Springs AA Group AA Group Building 411 Sellers St Closed, Step Meeting
Tuesday YANA Group Stone County Fairgrounds, EHC Building 216 Warren St Closed, Step Meeting
Wednesday River Valley Group Wesley Methodist Church 300 N Cumberland Ave 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Big Book, Closed, Step Meeting
Thursday Sunday Morning Serenity Women, Online Meeting The Center for Non-Profits at St. Mary's, Room, 1728 1200 W Walnut St Location Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting, Open, Step Meeting, Women
Thursday Back to Basics First Christian Church 103 N Boston Pl Closed, Step Meeting
Friday Alexander Group Immanuel LC Annex Building 15224 Alexander Rd Closed, Step Meeting